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Blessed Birthday, you! God bless. :)

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Post Valentine

Post Valentine coming up!! 6th of February, 2010. 6.30pm-10.30pm. Venue: Armada Hotel, Pj. Price person: RM80

Invite all your friends, both young and old! It'll be an awesome time to get together. Since Valentine's Day falls on the first day Chinese New Year.

Lots of programme installed for you and your friends!

Come and enjoy this one night only and you'll never regret!


Anything please email to brendacmy@yahoo.com. Subject: Love Story-Post Valentine.

More info, please check on facebook-A Love Story-Post Valentine. Thank you! =)

Monday, June 1, 2009

In Loving Memory of our dear friend...Lim Yu Vern

14th Oct, 1992-30th May, 2009

He was a dear friend to many of us, a brother, and a son. He was a really special guy. Different in his own unique way. A very talented guitarist. He was a really nice guy, very gentlemen, hilarious, caring, kind, friendly, loves God, jokes alot, etc.

I remember when I used to hang out with him back in 2003 right up till he left GRC in 2006. He was really nice to me and other friends. Though sometimes what he says doesnt make any sense at all, but thats what makes him unique. I also remember how he use to tease me and all. With the others too. I think that was in 2004 or 2005. They even made a song about it, and I remember Vern was the one who was playing the guitar. Though it was embarassing, but those times were so memorable. All his funny acts. There's too much to say about him. I'll just keep it short.

And this is one of the birthday wishes he sent me:

05/19/2006 4:17 am

YOOOOOOOOOOOOO its me,osama! j/k juz wanted to wish u a blessed happy birthday and god bless you,now i sleep.......

Seriously PimPed by,


Time: 4:17am

I really do miss him. Such a great friend. Though I seldom hang out with him anymore, but he'll always be my good friend. =) Love you, Vern!! See you soon!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

This post was requested by someone....

As the title says it, I was asked by someone to post it. She ask me to post a picture. And so I shall. Hahaha....so I shall post pics of her and.....me of coz...XD


Sibling conflict....hahaha....fighting each other

Having fun.....

Hahaha....act pro only...lol

Ok la, both also ok la....

She plays want you know....hahaha....


Me and her....hahahaXD
Okies, Qi May. Satisfied anot?? Hahaha...LOL, gtg....bye!!
(ps: sorry guys, couldnt update....lazy plus alot of things to doXD)

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hmm....now already February, but updating on things that happen in December 2008. >.<



Was in Penang with my family and Michelle's family.....was there for the Penang International Jazz Festival. The jazz bands are quite good. I really love them. And their songs....had lots of fun in Penang, especially when you got teman.....hahaha....and about red pants and yellow pants right Michelle?? Then went shopping also, and swimming. We also went to the night market. Havent been there for so long. Alot of changes. Hahaha.... overall, it was an awesome and enjoyable trip. =)

11th-14th-Encounter Camp(XYZ, DUMC)

Camp was awesome. We had it at Benum Hill Resort, Pahang, which is a NS campsite. But the place was quite ok. Not that bad. Had lotsa fun, and all the activities were planned by our own youths. We had Sold Out band and the people from Eagle Covenant Church as our speaker. Pastor Cathryn's message was so powerful and interesting too. I experienced God on the 2nd night and the last night. He was really real to me. That feeling was just awesome and i'm really happy God spoke to me. His presence was just so real and i'm sure alot of people felt it too. Coz can hear like alot of people crying. Even I myself cried, so yea. And Michelle came too.I'm really happy that she came, and that she felt God too. Coz she's not a really strong Christian, so its a good thing. Hehe....I never regretted going for Encounter camp. Everything was awesome.

23rd-26th-Christmas Celebration at Pyramid Hotel

We stayed over at Pyramid Tower Hotel, and so coincidence, Roanne was staying there too. So, we got to hang out and stuff. It was really nice catching up with her again. And 2days before we stayed there, me, my bro, Roanne, and Benedict went to Sunway Pyramid to watch the premiere of a movie. After the movie, went for supper, then went home. On Christmas eve, we had dinner at Borneo Rainforest, together with Michelle and her family too. They also stayed at the hotel with us. We had lotsa fun, taking pics, eating, chit-chatting. Haha....after dinner, walked around for awhile, then me, Michelle, my bro went to lepak ourselves, and to countdown for Christmas. It was super fun, got sprayed all over with foam. Especially my bro. Haha...reminds me of 2007's Merdeka at Curve. The whole street was filled with people....from Sunway Lagoon Hotel, right up to the new wing of Sunway Pyramid. We walked from Sunway Lagoon Hotel, and along the way, all 3 of us kena sprayed. It was quite annoying though, but really fun. We continued walking up, and stopped outside the new wing of Sunway Pyramid, where alot of people are chasing each other, spraying and all. Even my bro joined them. All went siao. Haha....it was an unforgettable night. Coz i seldom get to do that. So yeap, i hope this year(2009), will be the same as well. Go hang out with friends and all. But dinner with family first. Ahaha....xD Christmas day, we just shop around Sunway Pyramid, then lunch at my relative's house. At night, me and my bro went lepaking with Ro. Went to the arcade, and never have I had so much fun like that night. Ahaha, normally i dont go arcade, so yeap. It was fun hanging out with Ro, since she left for Melbourne in 2006. Overall, my Christmas was really enjoyable. Again, its just an awesome time spent with your family and friends.

27th-Ms Carysse's Wedding

I'm so happy for her. Ahaha, finally she got married. It was a wonderful and awesome wedding. Everything was so nice, and properly planned and it was so organized. I love her gowns...haha. Well, thanks to Ms Carysse for inviting me and my bro. She's really an awesome person/supervisor. We went there for the wedding ceremony, after that it was cocktail...then dinner. Thats about it. Just a short one. =)

I'm done with the updates. Boy, it was long. Hehe....xD Pics will be up soon, or maybe I'll upload it in Facebook. Tata....gtg sleep. =P